Friday, August 31, 2012

Portland Trip 2012


Portland Trip 2012 , a set on Flickr.

Recently I journeyed to Portland, Oregon to attend a special wedding, my son's! Some family members were able to go too, so while we were there we took a little drive to the coast line to Cannon Beach. The other photos are from the our house rental, it had an outside bathtub in the back yard which our little cute guy loved taking a bath in. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birds of a feather flock together...

Hello Saturday! 

I was up and out for a photo session this morning with a super cute family which I will post soon. We had to get out in the sweet morning light before the day heated up! It was 76ish and still was a sweat fest. I took the time to painstakingly put on mascara (which I thought was waterproof) and quickly sweated it all off during the shoot. It wasn't pretty so I wiped it all off and put my sunglasses on! My secret is unveiled, I'm to vain to walk around without eye makeup! Oh boy how silly is that? I'll answer for you, "Pretty silly Julie." Aside from the makeup melt down and crazy humid hair it was so pretty this morning. 

A couple days ago I was looking for a specific photo and came across these 
bird photos I took earlier this summer. Aren't they cute little guys? 

The sky last night was aaaaa-maze-ing! 

I have a dog now!  
He's a handsome, smart, lively, and affectionate Boston Terrier.  
A perk is that I have to walk him and by doing so walk ME! 

In other news I'm on a count down to head to Portland, OR in 10 days for my son's wedding! I'm super stoked about it! That's right I'm bringing back the word stoked and stellar! 
Both of which I randomly used several times in conversation with co-workers this week.

Have a stellar weekend!