Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prepare To Be Surprised - Part 2

You have safely arrived at Part 2 of Prepare To Be Surprised! Congrats! This blog post has been been swimming around in me for awhile,but I've been dragging my feet. Why am I dragging my feet you ask. Fear, straight up fear is why I'm dragging my feet. Fear of the unknown, fear that I'll perhaps open up a can of worms, stupid fear...I won't let it hold me back not one second more! Let's just get to it, ok?  Here we go. 

Today, June 29, has a history attached to it, 32 years ago today I got married.  It lasted just short of 10 years, which means I've been single for longer than I was married. Let's crunch the numbers: married in June of 1979, divorced in January 1989, today is June 29, 2011,which means I've been single for 22 years. My oh my, where did the time go? Most of these years were spent healing up, being focused on raising my kids, and on my career. My kids are all grown and having babies of their own (I wholeheartedly celebrate their adulthood), and now I'm ready for God to bring my guy. 

I told God way back in 1989 that  I would give Him as much time as He needed to  bring me the right man, and so the wait began. I'm going to say straight up that I never in my wildest dreams imagined it take this long. Lately I've been asking God, "What the heck is taking so looonnnnnnnnnng?"  I assure you I am being patient, and good natured about it, I know He hasn't forgotten me and that He is in control. I also know that I can trust Him and that His timing is perfect. I'm just wondering what the heck is taking so long? Really, what the heck? 

When the wait began so did my list.  "What list?" you ask.  My man list! The longer God waits the longer my list gets. I'm gonna go ahead and share the list, let's jump in. Someone fun, witty, with a sense of humor, and that I can make laugh, a great smile, handsome, his own style/cool, good hair (actually at my age hair may not be optional), beautiful eyes, fit, healthy, great energy, peaceful, joyful, a happy guy, thinker, reader, creative, artistic, people person, man of faith (relationship with God), adventurous, will love my kids, good steward of his resources, a giver (not stingy), loves music (not country), someone who sings in the morning (I love that), someone who wears or will wear argyle socks, wearer of good shoes (I believe that you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes; when I see a man that I think is good looking I look to see if he's wearing a wedding ring, then I look at his shoes), articulate, well spoken, good communicator, emotionally available, likes to travel and will want to travel (I always thought I'd like to marry someone whose career included travel so that I could go with him sometimes and other times stay behind), somewhat organized in life, neat and tidy would be good, has a great family, writer, write me love letters, notes and cards, give me flowers, like to cook, like my cooking, isn't rude or selfish, confident, wise, young at heart, hard worker, passionate, has vision for his life and where he's headed, embraces differences, not a game player, great listener, understanding, merciful, committed to "us" no matter what, has great friends, interesting, will pursue me, will see me (really see me), someone who will be faithful, loyal, someone who is independent and will give me space when needed, sensitive, special, big heart, talks to God and hears from Him, willing to say your sorry, a character, a little naughty, earrings are good, tattoos ok too, capable, adaptable, adjustable, and last but not least someone who loves nature. 

There we have it! I can sum up the list in five words, "A Fun, Fit, Handsome, Wealthy, Godly man!" I do want to clarify the wealthy part, I'm not a gold digger, I promise. I am however interested in someone who is good with money, can handle it well and has a prosperous soul!

Why would I even post this on my blog? I read a story about a woman who was looking, praying and waiting for the right guy to come along. She wrote about what she'd like in a man on her blog and someone read it and knew a guy like that, they connected, and ended up getting married.  I'm certainly not asking God to do it this way, and I'm not ruling it out either. All I'm saying is you never know, you just never know...

Having said all that I am expecting big things, I am expecting wonders to unfold, I am expecting that the best is yet to come, I am expecting God to surprise me! Remember that's how we started this thing, me preparing to be surprised! 

Happy I've been single 22 years day! 

P.S. Cowboy boots are optional. 

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!!!


Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!!!, a set on Flickr.

I took some new photos of Ruby recently. We had a sleep over at my house! Good times!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Prepare To Be Surprised- Part 1

Recently I recorded one of my favorite movies, "Dan In Real Life." I got a chance to watch it, again, last weekend. Man, I love that movie. One of my favorite parts of the movie is the ending, it's their wedding reception, everyone's dancing. The song they're dancing to is "To Be Surprised," by Sondre Lerche (Actually he did the soundtrack for the movie, it's a fun CD, you should give it a listen).  I love this song, it speaks to me, I hear God's voice in this song telling me prepare to be surprised. God likes surprises of this I'm sure. I like surprises too, but how do you prepare to be surprised? Is it possible? It just seems like a mind bender to me. What do you do to be prepared? It's seems like an oxymoron to me. You know the saying "Expect the Unexpected," that makes sense to me, I get it. You just know that unexpected things will happen in life. 

Today I was thinking about this whole concept of preparing to be surprised and I remembered something. My kids were young, all of the were still at home.  We had this toy lizard, it was about eight inches long and hard plastic. It was a tad chewed up by our dog but was in no way scary. On occasion one of my son's would casually come up behind me and say, "Mom, check this out," I'd turn around and he'd shove his hands, that were holding the toy lizard into my face.  I always reacted the same way, I'd gasp and jump back. He got a huge kick out of this.  We always laughed afterwards.  It was the element of  unexpected surprise in the ebb and flow of life. There it is! 

Sometimes God does surprise us with things that leave us breathless, dumbfounded, in awe, and we never saw it coming. I LOVE that about Him. Is it more about just trusting Him? I think so...

I'm excited to see the surprises He's got planned for me this year. I am expecting to be surprised. 

What's this photo got to do with anything? Surprise....nothing I just like it. 

P.S. At some point I got rid of the toy lizard!! 

P.S.S. Here's the song if you want to give it a listen. 

Monday, June 6, 2011


I sure haven't been blogging much lately, have you noticed?  I'm not feeling especially wordy. Another way of putting it is I just feel like I don't have much to say.  I know it's amazing isn't it? It is even to me. Remember the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Get ready here's some photos coming at ya! 

I took a drive in the country last week and passed a farm that had a bunch of horses. I had to stop and take some photos. This horse was laying in a muddy mess, but when I stopped and got out of my car he got up and came meandering over to me. We had a nice chat. Actually I had the nice chat (I wasn't speechless then), he just listened, and twitched his ears, and looked at me.  I think he liked me. I liked him. He was a nice guy, quiet but nice. 

Happy Monday one and all, especially my new horse friend! 

Giddy up! ~ Kramer