Saturday, July 10, 2010

Play date with Horace Wimp

Today I had a visitor at my house for the day, "Horace Wimp." He came for a play date while his owners, my youngest son and his bride went on a roadtrip. Right off the get go he starts in on cleaning my carpets. He did a nice job too!
It prompted me to clean and since Horace had the carpets handled I decided to wash my windows. Horace was the project supervisor. First I did the inside of the windows, then the outside. I had to go out on my balcony to do the outside. Horace sat by the screen and let me know if I missed a spot or if a squirrel was sneaking up behind me.
Then it was nap time...he's a good napper, I like that about him!

He wasn't really ready to get up but all I had to do was say "Outside" and he gave me this look.
I let him sit on my couch...not sure if he gets to do this at home. He looks so noble, noble enough for an ascot I think, it would make him look even more dapper!

Other activities involved listening to the birds sing, taking several walks outside, eating real dog food not just the crumbs on all my floors, he helped with laundry but didn't like the way the dryer sounded when going, he said he was sorry about that and offered to help fold. Currently he's happily chewing on a towel I tied in a knot and gave him. He likes it and thinks I'm fun! He's a good boy that Horace Wimp. Just in case you're wondering where his name came from, it's an old ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) song title.

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