Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get ready for SUPER cute...

Ok, I am going to preface this post with this; if you can't handle cute don't even bother reading any further because it's about to get SUPER cute in here! 

Are you ready?

I had a fun Saturday morning following this cute kid around a park. 

It was fun, and didn't I warn you that I was about to bring the cute? 

Happy Wednesday! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Look Love..

Let me just say right up front that I am a huge fan of love, I believe profoundly in it, and love to capture it with photography. I am also a BIG fan of the "First Look" at weddings. "What is a First Look," you may ask? A first look is a special private time set aside for the bride and groom to see each other before the blur of the wedding ceremony begins. Every couple I've photographed that's done a "First Look" has not been sorry. 

Recently I had the honor of capturing the wedding of Brittany & Neil.  I spent time separately with both of them before the ceremony, they were both soooooooooooooooooooo nervous. We had a "First Look" planned for them and when it came time to have it and they saw each other all the nervousness that they had turned to utter joy, peace, and excitement. It's was a special and beautiful moment between them and was great fun to capture it. 

See for yourself...

Fun uhn?  

What's not to love about tears of joy? 

High fives & happy Sunday! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I am passionate about family photos! Changes happen in life, and these changes are often out of our control. As we know time marches on whether we like it or not, and family photos capture moments in time that we can treasure. 

I'm doing a post today about a family photo shoot I did a couple of years ago. Jenn & Jason had me come to their lovely home for the shoot because they wanted to include their family,  their two dogs. They had a great time playing with their family pets in the back yard as I snapped happily away, an observer capturing the fun, playfulness and love of this family.

Last weekend Jenn and Jason lost one of their beloved dogs, Charlie. It's a devastating blow, totally unexpected, and a hit below the belt they weren't prepared for. Jenn sent me an email yesterday thanking me for the photo shoot we did. The photos I took are the only family photos they have of everyone together. And, although she always loved the photos she treasures them now more than ever with the loss of Charlie.  

I say all of that to say you MUST have a family photo! Don't wait! I'd love to be the one capturing your  families moment in time. 

Now on to some photos. Charlie is the blonde doggie in the photos. 

In loving memory of...