Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grandmas with cameras...

I'll admit it I like to take photos of people taking photos, especially Grandma's. Here's a couple of photos from recent weddings. The grandma's had cameras and weren't afraid to use them. Both of these grandmas are so lovely, sweet, and camera carrying! 

The first lovely lady...

And then there's Virginia. I like her! 
 She's feisty, full of fun, and life, and has a camera, which is such a nice mix!

I remember a time when me kids were young and my mom would come for a visit. 
She always brought an instamatic camera with her, and would take a ton of photos. I don't remember ever seeing any of them developed, except for one time when she brought an instamatic camera that had landscape setting. She took all the photos of my kids in various poses in the landscape setting so when developed the photos were about 12 inches long with my kids dead center. I always thought it was humorous. 

God bless all the grandma's with cameras! 

Oh wait, I am a grandma with a camera!!!!! 

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