Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Ackerman Wedding...

On a lovely Memorial weekend in the Mitten State family and friends gathered together to witness and celebrate the marriage of this young and in love couple. This wedding was such a joy to photograph! Seriously a JOY! I loved everything about it; the family, their friends, the church,  the flowers, the decorations, the wedding party, the reception, the couples first dance, the toasts, the Lake Michigan beach we took photos at, and last but not least the lovely, fun, quirky couple. 

I had not met the bride before the wedding. Some weeks before the wedding I sent her a wedding information sheet to fill out for me. She got it back to me in record time for which I promptly gave her an A++, 3 gold stars and 1000 points! Her response to that was "I don't think I've ever had that many points before!" Her response made me laugh out loud and I liked her already! 

Now on to the goodness...

Marriage Strategerie, I'm pretty sure I just made up this word.

Bust out the kleenex here...He was telling her the night he knew he wanted to marry her. They'd been on a date and at the end of the date they said goodbye. He went home and asked God if He would allow her to be his...ahhhhhhhh... I told you, get the kleenex out now! 

That's a wrap! 
Happy Thursday ya'll! 

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Susie said...

Beautiful! Love you Julie and your snazzy pictures.