Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cute Family Alert...

I did a photo session with The Johnson Family recently. Let me just tell you that I had a great time! I met them at my favorite park. What I didn't' realize was that the lovely Mrs. Johnson lived adjacent to this park as a child and has fond memories of it. She has a history with the park so it made it even more special to be taking photos there with this family. The photo session was also a birthday gift from Mr. Johnson to Mrs. Johnson.  I love that! 

Now on to the cuteness...

 This is how Mr. Johnson carries baby Johnson. He loves it!

I love the progression of these next photos. 

And that's a wrap!! 
Happy Saturday! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Instagram photos

An iPhone came to live at my houseBirthday breakfast for dinner... Cook it out!Cookin with this guy!Cousins...Raining!Ahhhhhhh...relief!
Rain rain don't go away!Dear rain welcome! Stay!Don't forget this!Gitty up!The country never gets old   #barns #country #lightRuby ruby ruby! #cute #smile #pretty #flower #love
Life will prevail #green #country #light #fieldAhhh... #light #barn #country #flowersNot a bad bangs day...Zinnias! Love them!#cows # country #light #dirt roads #funCountry roads take me home...
Field of light!Time to relax with some lemony goodness!Lime Refresher - yummy!Then there's this little lady. Girls night!And then there's this guy!It was love at first sight...

Instagram photos , a set on Flickr.

I LOVE my iPhone camera! Lately I've been out and about snapping some photos with my phone camera. I whole heartedly admit I am enjoying it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blowin up stuff...

"Blowin up stuff" that seems to have been my reference to July 4th this year. When I said it at work my co-workers always laughed, probably more because of the way I said it. Anyway, it seems to have stuck, "Blowin up stuff."  

For the 7th year in a row I met my oldest son and his family at a local park to watch the city of Grandville blow up stuff! AKA: watch fireworks!  It was hot, hot, hot, hot and was a sweat fest, but it was still fun to sit and wait for the sun to go down and the fireworks to go up! I love the chatting it up, watching the kids do sparklers, and dance around with their light sabers and bracelets, eating snacks, frisbee throwing, fire fly finding, it's all part of the fun. 

Here's some photos of our holiday fun! Enjoy!

 No idea what the problem was here, but it was cute! 

 Water was not only for drinking but for cooling off in the sweat fest! 

Umbrella = Sun Shield

He was showing us his outey! 

This was a game. 
If everyone caught the foot ball they could all go to the park. 
Which they did miraculously! 

 Proof! Winning! 

Another game. Chase! 

 Loud! People were blowin up stuff all around us! 

 Another game, I missed the point of this one, but they sure had fun! 

We had a friendly visit from a true patriot! 

Also, a visit from Batman!

Fun with a cool cloth! 

Even on the hottest day in America she want's to snuggle! 

Crazy BIG fun! 

Happy Sunday!