Sunday, July 1, 2012

DeBoer wedding and a grandma with a camera update...

One of my favorite recent posts is "Grandma's with Cameras." Today I have an update!!!!!  I got to help with a wedding a few weeks back and the lovely grandma Virginia was there! She's the grandma of the bride, and was there with her handy camera, and she was using it.  

I have proof, see...

The wedding ceremony was set up in a spiral. It was different and very cool.

All the bouquet's were made using sheet music, paper and feathers. 

  There was a vintage vibe happening with old books, lace and pearls, and tons of candles! 

 The guest book! I love this! 

The bride and her mum...both beauty's!

 Surprise! Surprise! The bride wore cowboy boots to honor her country lovin groom!

I'll leave you with these photos, which I love, a passionate kiss with the bride and groom! 

Happy first day of July ya'll! 

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Susie said...

Love it Julie! Once again, it was so nice to spend time with you.You do great work, what a privilege to make your BLOG. Love you and thanks for capturing.