Friday, April 30, 2010

Looking up....I see signs of life
Life that's been laying in wait for it's time to spring forth, life that's on the edge of busting out,
pushing out, growing out, stronger, taller, higher...such is life!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Look at her, lovely snugly Emma....sleeping so soundly

or is she?
These faces happened in a matter of seconds...I happened to be on hand because I heard her wiggle about and trotted over to see if she was awake, she wasn't just stretching and making some funny faces and then back to sleeping soundly...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey you, in the camera... I have ruffles on my butt, you can't see them very well but they're there.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet the newest addition to our family...the lovely & snugly Emma! She arrived in our world in her own time, slow pokey style. I have a feeling she's going to be a go at your own pace kind of girl, which I think is a great quality. She was born on her other Grandma's birthday which is very special. We're gonna keep :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring has sprung! It's a delight to see all the flowering trees and plants in all their glory... Lilac's will be blooming pretty soon, until then here's a couple of photos taken on Mackinac Island a couple of springs ago.

The Lilac bushes there are so old, some of the oldest in the nation and not really bushes at all but full blown trees. It's worth a look see, if you've never been go towards the end of May to mid June when the Lilac's are stunning. You step off the Ferry and onto the Main Street and the fragrance of Lilac's run out to meet you!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just got done exercising. Had to gear myself up mentally to push through to even doing it. Part of pushing through is remembering how great I'll feel after I'm done. Yes, I'm weaving exercise into my life, making it an integral part of who I am.

Weaving it into my's that for a segway into photos of baskets :)

The first two photos are of a basket that belonged to my Grandma Smith...another important component to weave into your life, people! I admit sometimes I have to push myself to be with people, just like I have to with exercise. Which is very interesting because my main love language is quality time. Spending saturated time with those I love leaves me feeling very satisfied and happy! I thrive on independent solitude and quality time...what a weave!

Weaving God into the fabric of my life was and still is the most important decision I've ever made. I shutter to think where or what I'd be if He wasn't in my life...I can guarantee it wouldn't be pretty. My life isn't perfect now, but perfection isn't the goal...His love woven into my life and loving the people He's put in my life and on in my pathway is an important part of my life's weave...

My your day be tightly and beautifully woven with God's love, friends, family and EXERCISE!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I mentioned in my last entry that I got to spend some Lizzie and Grandma time last week. I took a ton of's one of my favorites.

This is my absolute favorite one...I love this girl, she's such a character, funny, fun and super cute!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Wednesday I went to my grand daughters pre-school for Grand Parents Day. You can see photos of our day by clicking on my flickr link. We had a great day enjoying the festivities at the pre-school, then brunch at the Rainbow Grill, and then the most fun of all, the park! These are photos of two trees from the park. If you've read my earlier blog you know that I love trees...if you haven't read my earlier blogs, I love trees :)

One of my favorite movies "Lord of the Rings" has walking, talking trees, they're friendly trees that help the main characters and keep them safe and lifted up far above evil. I love those walking talking trees!

Here's one of my favorite "tree" memories: One Fall I went on personal retreat in Wisconsin. While there I went on a walk and came upon a grove of tall, mature Oak Trees, I spent a long time there just listening to their brown leaves rustling in the dry fall wind. Under my feet were crisp beautiful fallen leaves and acorns. Squirrels had the freedom in this place to come and claim ownership of the acorns in security, even though I was there they knew it was their domain and scampered about. It's such a vivid memory of mine walking slowly through this grove, sometime spent sitting just taking it in, the sights, the sounds, the dry earthy smell.

With trees to take them in you have to look up...they're a reminder of God and how "BIG" He is and the reminder to look up, look for Him always.

On this eve of Easter, the celebration of Christ's Resurrection from the dead let's call to remembrance that He hung on a tree and died so that we could live and be with Him! In essence Jesus is like the walking talking trees from "Lord of the Rings" lifting me up above the evil and keeping me safe, talking to me, walking with me.

I love trees, and I love Jesus who hung on a cross/tree for me!