Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cold Beach...

I love to go to beaches but not so much to sit in the sun. I actually enjoy going to the beach when it's on the cool side. I often go at dusk and watch the sun go down or on a cloudy day. I like to watch a storm roll in, hear the sound of the water, watch the light dance on the waves, the ever changing cloud formation over head, the whip of the wind, the smell of the air...ahhhhhhh! I love a cold beach...
All of these photos were taken at a beach on the Oregon coastline.
It was June 2009 when I was there and it was a cool windy day.
It was glorious!
This looked like a rock but upon closer inspection it was indeed a rock but covered, no plastered with all these shells, it was ocean art and really beautiful.

Side note: I've been called a cold beeeeeach before, pun intended!

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