Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Blog,
How I have missed you! I've been cameraless (without camera) and desperate to take photos.
In an effort to feed my photography soul I busted out my film camera and am waiting the arrival of my first roll of film that I've taken in a while. It will be interesting to see how the photos turn out given the fact that the auto focus is broken and how well I actually can manually focus with my sighted-ness, or lack there of.

As I sit here blogging along I can look out my window at the first winter blizzard of the season. It's beautiful. All the trees in the woods are snow covered and snow is falling through the branches and it's burrrrrrrisk! Snow how I love thee...

Farewell blog...for now. I will post new photos on you soon...I promise. Never fear photos will re-appear :)

For now an oldie but a goodie...from warmer times.

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