Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give Thanks Y'all...

Well, well, well it's been a long time since I've posted. Here's my list of excuses; lazy, busy, creative smog, using up all my creative mojo at work, and eHarmony!  Please feel free to pick the one you like. Truth is they really all apply!  Currently I'm using writing this post as a diversion for something I should be doing.  It's funny really that I'd use blogging to put off doing something else.  Oh Juge! (my nickname)

Here's a few facts from my life recently: 
Left for work on Tuesday, on the way out I stopped at my mailbox and got my mail out but left my apartment key in the mailbox, and the mailbox open. I did not know any of this until I came home and looked, and looked, and looked for my key! Had to go have another key made. Thank you maintenance office for: 
a) making new keys for free 
b) for still being open 
c) for being so nice about it 
d) thanks to my neighbor who noticed my key in my open, empty mailbox and brought them to me upon my arrival home after getting the new set of keys from the very nice maintenance office people 
e) I am amazed that I did this. I am not the kind of girl that loses stuff 
f) all I can say is "Wow!"  and "Oh Juge!"

I recently roasted veggies and added....RADISHES!  They were so good. If you have not tried this please DO! They are sweet and yummy! If you need a recipe just google it. It's so easy and again YUMMY! 

I got to babysit the handsome and SUPER cute Henry, grandchild number six, last Saturday night. He was cute, chubby and happy. We happily rocked and rocked, I sang he smiled, and smiled until... he decided it was bed time and launched into a crying fit. Poor little fella! I didn't know he didn't like to be rocked to sleep. Well, honestly I did know it, his mom told me this, but I didn't want to believe it. Oh well, I still think he's SUPER cute and I LOVE him. I finally got him settled down, and away he slept, and slept and slept and looked SUPER cute! 

Have you checked out PINTEREST? You should check it out! NOW! No really NOW! Here's a link.  You need to check this out for fun, down time, inspiration, creative ideas, and just because! 

I had food allergy tests done recently. I'm here to tell you I do NOT like the results!!!  I'm allergic to some of my favorite foods. Isn't it interesting that what you crave your'e allergic to? How the heck can that be?  Oh boy! So I have to make some dietary adjustments for optimal health. It's a process, and I'm praying I make progress!  Oh for the love of Juge! 

Friday night I'm having some of my grand babies here for a sleep over. I went shopping today and got the foodage we'll need: popcorn, oil, butter, syrup for pancakes, sausage, hot coco mix and marshmallows! I'm looking forward to it, let the fun begin! I also know that I will need a nap on Saturday! 

Musically I'm currently into Foster the People! I love they're CD! My favorite song is here on my blog playlist. It's titled Waster, give it a listen. It has a great message. Also, loving the new Gungor CD "Ghosts On The Earth," it's sooooooooooooo good! 

Also, looking forward to four days off y'all!!  Don't get me wrong I love my job, great people, fun, supportive, and it's a job with a mission, a great place to work, and I'm so thankful! I am also thankful for a few days off! 

Since I haven't  blogged in awhile I had time to watch "This Is It," the Michael Jackson movie. You don't know this but I loved him, Michael Jackson, that is. He was so talented, so creative, weird, and horribly misunderstood. If you haven't seen the movie watch it! I loved it. MJ you are the man! 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I do love Thanksgiving and all it represents for our great country, our families, and our lives! It's also a powerful biblical principle, to be thankful! There is power in thankfulness, do you hear that POWER!  Being thankful requires humbleness and God is attracted to humbleness. There isn't anything that brings God's presence into your life more than humbleness.    

I'm posting a ton of text, wow! We need to get some photos up in here! Here's some photos  of a fun shoot with my oldest son, his sweet wife and SUPER cute kids! One of the things I'm thankful for my family! 

 In the next few photos I love the older kids running. I want to have that much energy! 

If you're part of my family, I love you and am thankful for you! 
If you're a friend, I am thankful for you and love you! 
If I don't know you but you're reading this I'm thankful for you! 
Oh for the Love of Juge! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
That's it Y'all!!!! 

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