Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celebrate Life...

Babies are a blessing. They bring so much joy to life. When I was young and selfish I never wanted children, now I can't imagine my life without them. I have four adult children who are now experiencing the joy of having children, and I am having a blast being a Grandma. I have several grandma names: Nannie, Dewie (attempt of a two year old saying Julie), Jamma, and Grandma Julie.  I am blessed and rich because of the lives of those who are my family!

I recently did a photo shoot with a single mom and her baby girl. The circumstances surrounding the conception of this baby girl weren't ideal, and to protect the mom I can't give details. As the pregnancy progressed the doctors told the expectant mother that something was wrong with this baby and it wouldn't be normal and tried to steer her away from life. With the support of her family this mom dug in and held onto God's word for the life of her baby. 

The lovely mother of this beautiful baby hosted a party for her girl. It was a joyful event and awesome to witness family and friends gathered together to dedicate this baby  to the Lord, and celebrate her life. Ok, I'll admit I cried...

She's had some physical challenges and currently has a feeding tube, 
and a tracheotomy, but, is thriving, and growing, and full of life! 
She has a quiet grace, and peace about her that is so beautiful! 

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