Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Side Smiles Are Charming...

Boy, oh boy am I behind with blog posts! Oh, well I know you still love me! 

Today I'm posting a senior session I did with a dear friends son. The night we went out was bbbbbbbrisk...but beautiful. It was an excursion adventure with several locations and ending with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, San Chez. This shoot was a lot of fun even though I hadn't ever really met her son. He was quietly compliant and has the greatest side smile. I kept calling him Marlboro Man. Not because he had on chaps, or was riding a horse, or smoking! But because he has a quiet, confidence with which he carries himself, and of course the side smile. Now on to Marlboro Man. 

First up a hint of the side smile, this is actually where I first noticed it. 

Soft side smile alert.........

Full blown side smile...

And that's a wrap! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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