Monday, March 29, 2010

I like doors...
I have hauled five of them with me in my last three moves...
currently they create a wall in my apartment.
They are a reminder that God is with me.

What is it about doors that remind me of God is that God is big enough
to open them and big enough to close them...I trust Him to do that in my life.

I trust Him to know what doors to open specifically for me...

and I trust Him to close the doors that He chooses...which isn't always fun...but I trust Him.

He's with me and I trust Him...He's at work, inspite of it not looking like it! He's looking at me and His hand is open
and He's opening doors for me that I don't expect.


Life's Captures, by Jewels Martin said...

Love it Julie, I love doors to. In fact this weekend we went on a family hike and we found a sweet yellow door out in the woods. I wanted to get my husband to carry it out for me, but....he thought I was crazy. Your awesome Jewels have a great day, be ready for the doors that will open for you today.

Vicky Sluiter said...

Beautiful, Jewels, just like you.