Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cows Say Moo...

Last night I just needed to get out of the house and blow the stink off so I took a country road drive. I was actually looking for a farm I've seen from the highway that has sheep. I didn't find it but I drove along some lovely dirt roads lined on both sides with acres and acres of corn towering over my car.

 The light was sweet light (a photography term) dancing atop the fields. 
The air was heavy with the smell of earth, and then cows! 
Cows remind me of my Ruby, whose enamored with them. 
She say's, "Cows say moo!"

These cows came hustling right over to check me out! 
They were so hospitable and charming. 
Then I drove by some horses. 
I stopped and got out, but was shunned. 
They didn't even look up but just came eating away neglecting me. 

Actually now that I look at the photo here it looks like a mom and three "youngin's," 
so she was probably under her breath telling them to not talk to the 
stranger taking photos. I get that! Aren't they pretty? 

It's raining here and on the cool side. I love it! 

Happy Saturday! 

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