Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray it's the Harrell Family today!

Oh those Harrell's! They are the bestest, mostest funnest people's! I love them mainly because they love to JUMP!  You can't just get everyone to jump. Nope people refuse, some just won't  because they're too cool for school, some fake jump, some make an attempt, some reluctantly will try, but not the Harrell's they love to JUMP. They actually request a jumping photo. They're a fans! I'm a fan of the jump, not me personally jumping, but photographing people jumping.  It's a total abandonment of all things comfortable. It's a lot of fun! Just like the Harrell Family! 

Here's a few photos from a recent shoot we did. 

They're starting out this little cutie early...she loves it! 

Here's proof I got them to sit still for a minute. 

But not for long...

That's a wrap! 

Happy Saturday!

 Hope you've got something going on that makes you want to jump! 

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