Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day is tomorrow. There's nothing like being a mother, life comes to you and through's a beautiful thing.

This tea cup/coffee mug is from my middle son...I love it. He gave it to for my birthday in 2009. He knows me and knew I would like it, I don't like it...I love it. I cherish it, because it's beautiful and he gave it to me and I love him.
May I admit that as a young woman I did not want children? I have always loved kids, their energy, unconditional love and joy. But, I didn't want kids, for very selfish reasons. I have four kids, each one was not planned, because if I had to plan them I would have said "No thank you." I know it's sounds very harsh, but I was immature and like I said selfish. I'm not proud of this...just being honest.
But...being a mom happened, to me, against what I wanted and love took hold. I remember holding my first born in my arms, rocking him, looking at him and praying "God I'll have as many of these as You want." That was the first of four babies! When you hold a baby you're looking at a part of creation that came from the heart of God. It really is a beautiful thing...that God would allow life to come to you and through you! I will say being a mom has been the hardest thing in my life, but by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done or been a part of. I'm thankful that God in His infinite wisdom granted me the ability to be a mom and has helped me with my kids. They're each one different, creative, beautiful, and I celebrate their adulthood. So, as a young woman motherhood looked like a freakishly impossible thing...but on closer inspection it's pretty from the inside out...just like my cup! Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers that are reading this. Motherhood is a special gift from God! Embrace it, enjoy it!

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