Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ode To Beej

Here's a couple of friends of mine. I love these two people! I met them both around the same time a few years back and we all became good friends. I consider meeting them a divine appointment and can't imagine not knowing them. The good looker in the background here is getting ready to go on a "New Chapter Road Trip," so all three of us went out for a good-bye breakfast then to his house to hang for a bit.

He's got a great old house filled with some fun finds...
The woodwork and wall paper in his house has so much character...
An old typewriter, what' not to love about this?
The heat radiators are spectacular!

There's a very cool old stained glass window in his entry way. It's all I can do to not rip it out of the wall and take it home with me when I'm there, I love it that much! So far I have controlled this urge and the window remains intact.

More fun wallpaper...
Good bye friend, I know you're going to have such an adventure on your "New Chapter Road Trip." You will be missed :)