Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here's what's on my mind today...

That I will no longer have to use film!
That's right I'm now the proud owner of a digital camera!
To say that I'm super excited about it is an understatement to say the least. Good bye film! I will not miss you, I'm not even sorry that I won't miss you, I'm moving on, I'm breaking up with you, forever! Not like last time we broke up and then my camera broke and I had to come back to you, no this time I'm truly, really moving on. And Film, just to drive the point home "I've been using you, yes, using you, it's not a healthy relationship, I hope you can see this." I know if not now, someday you will.

Both of these things are on my mind, Chickens and Organic Gardening! Since January 2010 I've been eating mostly organic food. Someday in the not to distant future I hope to have an organic garden, so I decided that I could be learning about it now and when I get to a place where I can actually have a garden I'll know what I'm doing, sort of, kind of. Because I want to learn about it I recently subscribed to "Organic Gardening" and this is my first issue. I'm excited to get reading it, so far I've just taken a photo of it...I'll get there, to the reading part, don't worry. I like that it's going to tell me about Organic Gardening and Hens! Hen's are also on my mind. So really, could it get any better...I'll let you know. I also want to have a couple of chickens someday, just a couple of hens, no roosters (sorry guys) so I can have some fresh eggs. Side note: in my high school days I could do a great imitation of a chicken clucking, I will not, I repeat, I will not attempt it now!

This last photo isn't really about what's on my mind...I just like the colors.

Have a very Happy Day!

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Katy O'Dell said...

I can't wait to read that magazine!