Saturday, September 11, 2010

Surrounded by Nuts...

I am literally surrounded by nuts...
Not people who are nuts, but these nuts, Acorns!
All around  my house there are huge Oak Trees, like this one...
It's a constant barrage of nuts falling.
There's a loud ping, ping, ping all around my house 

as they drop and hit stuff, grills, roofs, balconies.
The squirrels run for cover or try to catch them...jokes!
I've got quite a mess on my balcony because of them.
I leave the mess, I like looking at it, makes me feel all woodsey! 
Last Thursday I was surrounded by some people 
that may or may not be a little nuts!
Just kidding!  Some of my kids came for dinner, with hang time after, good times! 

 Baby Ruby was one of them.  This is the toy box she always heads for.  
Toys end up all over the floor, creating  a mess.
 After everyone leaves I like to leave the mess "as is" on the floor for awhile,
much like the acorn mess on my balcony.  Only the toy mess is a reminder that there's some nuts I love more than they'll ever know!
I hope you're surrounded by nuts that you love! 

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Carly said...

This one made me cry :)