Sunday, September 5, 2010

27 years ago...

This Labor Day weekend marks an event that happened 27 years was at that time a "New Chapter" in my little families life.  Married with 2 small children and very pregnant with our third (it was two weeks before my due date) we moved from Farmington Hills Michigan to Gaylord in Northern Michigan.   I remember a few things about that move, it was unbearably hot and humid on the road (no air in the moving van) and even in Gaylord which is usually on the cooler side. I remember taking the wrong way right around Flint and heading in the wrong direction for an hour or so putting us two hours out of our way.   I remember arriving and moving into our little yellow house on Elm St, thinking I can live here for a year if I have to. 
It was such a tiny little house right in town, totally opposite of where we'd just moved from, a big house in the county (which I loved).  I ended up living in that little tiny house almost 15 years, solidifying the truth that we can do things we don't think possible or want to for that fact!

This "New Chapter" that began 27 years ago was full of living: the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, heart break, great joy's and everything in between. The absolutely most profound event that happened there in that little yellow house on Elm Street was that I became a Christian. It monumentally and irrevocably changed the course of my life!  Did that mean that  the bad, the ugly, the heartbreak suddenly disappeared?  No, certainly not, but through it all God has been my anchor in the storms and rough waters and I wouldn't change a thing because along this journey I've come to know Him personally and intimately and have come to trust His love for me.  His love is buoyant and can hold you up. His love is BIG, it's like a vast ocean!  You can trust Him, I encourage to jump on in! You won't regret it, ever, I promise!   

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