Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Tuesday you're here and almost gone...

Tuesday night and here I am a belly full of roasted veggies and organic sour cream...oh me, oh my, the goodness! The smell, the taste! The roasted veggies BROUGHT IT! 

I took some photos of my co-worker Fabian.  He has his own  t-shirt company He made a business card that I think it SUPER CUTE. It's folded paper, like origami, and looks like a little shirt. I had to take a photo of it. Everybody, meet Fabian and his super cute business card! Check out his website (which he also designed and built). If you need T-shirts, a website or graphic design for something give him a shout, he'll hook you up! 
My other cowork, Cindy, or Cynthia as I like to call her, took a photo of me. 
I think it's funny! We laughed. 

We had freezing rain recently. It iced all the trees in the most beautiful way. It was like icing on a cake, so nice to look at. On my way into the parking lot at work I had to stop and take some photos of this tree. The bokeh (circle spots of light) are actually the light reflecting on the ice. 

I'll admit I was kinda of mean today, if you saw me you probably wouldn't even know it, but it was in there, just below the surface, bubbling away. I got home and had a good workout to sweat out the mean!  Honestly, I feel better!
Exercise, for me, is more for my mental health than anything else! 
Hope your Tuesday was a great one! 
Don't forget to put yourself first! You're worth it! 

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