Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Up With Me...

Have you heard the Jennifer Hudson song, "Feeling Good?" I'm posting a video of it here, be sure to check it out (be sure to pause the music on my blog so you can hear Jennifer sing her guts out). I am not really a Hudson fan, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song and her version of it! It's from a Weight Watcher's commercial.  She got on board with WW and lost an undisclosed amount of weight. I've heard her talk about it and all she wanted to say was that she's now a size 8. Kudos to her, really, this weight thing is a b.... and it gets worse the older you get. If you struggle with losing weight and keeping it off I know you totally get it.

I'm being honest and real here and will confess that I've struggled with my weight for major portions of my adult life. I'm an honest to goodness emotional eater, throw in hormone loss, lack of exercise and you have a depressed, out of shape mess who prays daily for victory, freedom and help, which I feel has finally arrived!  I recently had a doctors appointment and some testing done and am awaiting the results. The doctor started me immediately on bio-idendical hormones and some supplements. Upon starting what she gave me I started feeling better the next day! I also recently bought a recumbent bike and have been doing Peak 8 workouts. Sweating and oxygen to the brain makes a significant difference in your outlook on life, I know this to be true. God has brought this all together, it's my time, it's my season, it's a new day and  I am "Feeling Good!" I have an undisclosed amount of weight I am going to leave behind. I'll just say that I'm going to be a size 8. 

Currently I'm reading the latest book by Suzanne Somers, "Sexy Forever," it's good and worth a read if you're forty or over.   

Shout out to Tinney Automotive!  I recently got a new car, they hooked me UP with a beautiful new Chevrolet Cruze, which has been amazing on gas. If you need a new or used car go to "Tinney Automotive," ask for Randy Bugg, or Vince Swift, be sure to tell them that Julie O'Dell sent you.

I should be working on my taxes so I can mail them to my tax man, I'm not, I'm bloggin!!!!

I'm loving my job! There's two Graphic Designers in my office that I oversee and we have big fun! I love them both so very much, they're good peeps!

Had "Knitting Night," at my house last night with some friends at work. It was such a great night, these are lovely ladies. We laughed, we cried, well at least I did, I always do. 

I'm looking forward to date night on Thursday night with some of my kids, I cook, we eat, watch our favorite shows and hopefully eat some chocolate. Some good chats, laughs, good eats, good times! 

Last but not least check out "Joss & Main." It's a site that you can join, for free, they have daily sales on unique home items.  I love it! Check it out! 
I'm still feeling citrusey (not a word but I'm taking a stand and using it). For "Knitting Night," I made some water with lemons, limes and oranges in it. May the force of citrus be with you...and I pray your "Feeling Good!"

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Anonymous said...

Julie - You got it.....don't ever let it go! So proud of you girl! Keep up the good work and remember don't skip the weekends!