Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quiet mornings...

This morning is like most of my mornings, me propped up in bed with pillows, my journal, bible, prayer notebook and my coffee. My quiet mornings started when I was a brand new Christian, my kids were little and to say my day's were busy would be an understatement. Just to find the time to be with God I would have to get up early in the morning while my kids were still sleeping. I have such fond memories of those day's, which over time have had a profound influence on my life. It's my quiet mornings that get me anchored in for the day. It's my time to say "hold me," grab His hand and hold on tightly. It's my way of saddling up and getting the strength I need to face what the day will bring. It's my time to put God first, which activates the principle "What you do with the first blesses the rest."

I just heard geese flying over my house, headed north, which is a good sign. I hear birds outside tweeting happily greeting the morning light. It's funny I can't see the sunrise from my quiet morning post but I can tell that light is arriving because the birds announce it and then are quiet again. One of my favorite verses is, 'When darkness comes light will come busting in, for the upright." Psalm 112:2. Day and night, dark and light, God is faithful through it all. I learned this from my quiet mornings!
I love my quiet mornings, if I'm running late for work it's because I don't want to leave the trysting place. The reality of my quiet mornings is that it's "Our time together!" Good morning everybody!

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