Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grand Parents Day

Last week I attended Grandparents Day at my grandson's preschool, along with his other Grandma. It was a fast paced hour, filled with songs, crafts, snacks, and play time. Before the songs started he stood in his spot up front with the other kids and waved at both of us grandma's, with both hands.  With his left he'd wave at Grandma Jen who was in the front row, then with his right hand he'd wave at me off to the side front where I sat so I could take some photos. Then he'd wave both hands in her direction, then mine, smiling the whole time. Sure makes a girl feel special. He's in the purple shirt, jumping in the first one. The little girl in the pink shirt next to him kept looking at him, I bet she thinks he's super cute. 
 On to my favorite part, he wanted to use my camera, I let him.
Here's the one's he took. I love them. 
After seeing this next photo I now understand why his photos turned out the way they did. 
He doesn't look through the viewfinder, but over the top of the camera. 
Ok, so I lied this last photo is my favorite part of the whole day. 
He held my hand, it melted my heart! 
It was such a nice time spent with one perfect little gentleman! 


Anonymous said...

Julie, these pictures are precious! Greyson is very lucky to have two such wonderful grammas.


Random Ramblings of said...

Always love your posts and of course your pics. One of my wigglies went there - we made the frames too. He's a cutie patootie!

Peggy said...

Julie - Lovve, love, love your posts!!!! Always gives a whole new meaning of life. Thanks for always inspiring! Now, get to work.......