Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Soup For You!

Tuesday nights roasted veggies became part of Wednesday nights "Curry Soup." I don't use recipes to cook from, I like to read them to get creative cooking ideas, but I very rarely use a recipe exactly the way it's written, except for baking. I tend to operate on what's in the fridge, which produced Tuesday's roasted veggies.  I made way more than I could eat in one sitting and decided to use them in a soup.  Roasted anything adds a tasty layer to soups. I love curry every now and then, it's been awhile since I've cooked anything curry so I decided to use the roasted veggies in a curry soup. A trip to the store after work to get a couple of items: Lentils (a current favorite), coconut milk (creamy deliciousness), and veggie broth (for brothy goodness), some chopping, sauteing, opening of can's, pouring into pot, stirring, bringing to a boil, then simmer, put some in a bowl, let it cool, add spoon in hand to mouth, divine! 

Welcome to's really here! 
Have a great weekend everybody! 

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cindy said...

Free forming soup as well... couldn't expect anything but. Looks delicious!