Saturday, July 2, 2011

Revisiting a favorite...

I love this guy, Paolo Nutini. 
He's Scottish, very cute and I love his music.
His music is a little bluesy, a little folky and unique.   
Lately I've had his CD playing in my car, again.  

Here's one of my favorite songs by him.

 Did I mention he was cute?  I thought so...where are the men like this my age? 
Somewhere in the world I can hear someone saying, "In Scotland, yo!" 
It's probably my crazy red headed friend CB, because we've had 
many talks of men in kilts, and such and so forth. 
By the way I'm not opposed to kilts...just sayin.
This crazy red headed friend once googled 
my man list, two photos came up 
Pierce Brosnan, and Jesus! 
We laughed so hard! 

Is it anti-american to do a post about a Scottish guy as we celebrate our Independence? 
I don't want to get fired as an American over it, although Paolo is pretty cute! Did I mention that? 

Happy 4th of July weekend everybody! 

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