Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever

We celebrated the 4th of July in our usual spot in 
Wedgewood Park awaiting the Grandville fireworks. 
 There was some wrestling and thumb sucking. 
There was ball throwing. 
Ball dropping. 
And jaw dropping. 
And a lovely little lady eating crackers
 And standing on her own. 

 There was smiling. 
 Planes flying overhead. 
 Cotton Candy Buying. 

 Some cotton candy running. 
 Some men walking.
 Some Crawling.
 Some lovely little lady walking. 
 Some applause. 
 Some help from big sis.

 Some flags flying. 
 Some candy eating. 
 Some toothless smiles.

 Shadows wax long and it's getting closer to go time. 
 It's sparkler time! 

 There were fireflies chased and captured and named Peter. 
 There were some glow sticks.

 The moon came out.
 The sun went down. 

 The fireworks began! 

 Good times! 

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