Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun...

On a Sunday evening recently I did a photo shoot with my oldest son, his bride (the sweetest girl I know) and their four bundles of energy. There was a lot of activity: some smiling, some "dance freeze" action,  some dancey dance moves (shameless reference to Yo Gabba Gabba) some leave eating, leave pile jumping, leave throwing,  tree climbing, stream poking,  pumpkin holding and pumpkin rolling, corn stalk peeling,  and loads of fun! 

Let's start with "Air Guitar in a Tree!"

Next up "Yes, that's right I'm six months old and I climb trees!" 

Look at Emma on the right end...she's the leave eater! 
And in the one below, still eating leaves and loving it! 

The boys got a little carried away with the leave throwing....

Here's the Dancey Dance and Dance Freeze...I love it! 

The one below is "Some Smiling," at least the adults are! 

More of "Some Smiling."   Three out of four isn't bad...we have popeye on the right end! 

Boys really like...LOVE...pumpkin rolling and leave throwing and tree climbing! 

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