Monday, October 4, 2010

Steve & Cheryl

Meet some friends of mine Steve & Cheryl.  I've known them for almost 27 years.  I wrote in an earlier post about moving to Gaylord Michigan 27 years ago.  I met them shortly after I moved there, we've been friends ever since.  Steve recently celebrated being in ministry for 30 years. He's a Pastor in Gaylord, has been for 30 years.  He's really good at his job /'s in his heart, he can't get away from it, he doesn't want to either in-spite of some major hurtles that have come his way in the last few years. He keeps making the same decision every day, to follow Jesus. He's friends with Jesus too, longer than we've been friends!   I'm really proud of both of them, they've weathered some tumultuous times recently and guess what? They're still standing! God has brought them to a new chapter in their lives and I'm super excited for them.

Not only are we friends but Steve was my boss for a long time.  He was as good a boss as he is a friend.  He may not know this but he was also a mentor of mine.  As a new Christian I sure didn't know what to expect or how it was supposed to work, he was a great example of loving God and others. One of his greatest gifts is mercy, which he gives freely to all and even to me when stupid took over and I messed up (just being honest).  He also has the gift of healing, if I needed healing he'd be the first one I'd call. 

Congratulations to both of them on being in ministry for 30 years!  Well done! Keep up the good work!  I love you friends! 

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Brenda Bonamie said...

I love them also, I learned more in his church than I ever had in my life> Hes being REFINED and tested right now but he will come out a Victor!!! I pray for them every night and Pastor Steve is the most God loving man I have ever met!!! Keep doing what you do!!!You led me to the Lord and I continue that walk!!!!