Saturday, October 16, 2010

Morning light country drive #1

 I don't usually work on Friday's but a week ago I decided on a Friday morning that I'd head into work and get some work done.  On the way out the door I grabbed my camera, just in case, and four hours later I was still driving around, I never made it to work.  Driving around, in the country, the beautiful Fall country morning light.  The first photo I took right before I got in my car, in my apartment complex was what got me going, oh the light, the beautiful morning light it captured my attention and began the four hour early morning drive.  It was so much fun, listening to music, driving along, ohhing and ahhhing in my soul. 


These are the images I captured but it's just not possible to capture the smell of the earth, the rustle of the corn stalks, the quiet, the stillness, the gentle breeze, this horse neighing at me...

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