Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm a smelly girl...

That's right I said "Smelly," not "Smiley" although I do think I'm both, most days.  Recently during my morning prayer time I read a verse that I really liked, due to the fact the I seem to notice good smelling things, which is why "I'm a smelly girl," not that I smell bad but that I have the ability to sniff out good smells around me.  I do like to smell good too, don't most people?  The verse is 2 Corinthians 2:14 & 15 which say's that "We diffuse the fragrance of God everywhere we go and  to everyone around us (Julie Translation)."  I love that!

Here's some of my favorite smells: Coffee, Cinnamon,  Coffee with Cinnamon especially,  Citrus: oranges, lemons and limes, homemade bread, cookies baking, turkey cooking, pine trees, the smell of the ocean, my friend Peggy at work (she wears CoCo channel and it smells so good on her), Gaine Detergent & fabric softener (I put the dryer sheets in my clothing drawers) lavender, roses, musky vanilla, patchouly (I have a perfume that has patchouly in it, I like it but don't wear it much because honestly most people don't enjoy it,  especially men), Acqua Di Gio for men by Giorgio Armani and Fierce for men, I love the way the health food store I shop in smells (not sure what it is but it smells good to me) good pipe tobacco (my dad smoked a pipe from time to time and I loved the smell of it),  and this is weird but I kind of like a slight skunk smell...I know weird!  I also like the way gas smells when you pump it into your car and I like the way hair salons smell and hair perms...I know super weird! Last but not least is one of my all time favorite smells Popcorn popping!!!!   

If I'm by you and you smell good I'll say "You smell good!"   Which reminds me of a show I used to watch with my first grandson, "Bear in the Big Blue House."  The show always started with Bear opening his front door welcoming viewers in, he'd start to talk then stop and sniff, sniff, sniff  around in the air and say "What's that smell? It smells so good!"  sniff, sniff sniff and he move his nose closer to the viewers and smash his nose against the camera, then he'd say "It's you! You smell sweet and so good, You smell good all the time!"   My grandson and I always laughed at that part and repeated it to each other over and over, giggling each time we said it.

It's good to smell good, wherever we go, and to everyone around us diffusing the fragrance of God!

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