Friday, November 19, 2010

Bloggin it with Rubes...

Ruby came to my house for a sleep over last weekend, it was fun to have her here. She's walking now and pretty busy, but she's such a sweet spirited little gal.  I love her!   Her time here was spent walking around with this purse, which had car keys and an old phone in it. She'd get the keys out, put them back in, take them out, put them back get the picture.   This enamored her attention for hours. 

Usually on Friday nights  I babysit the babies and have a Grandma Julie popcorn and movie night but not tonight I'm getting ready to go Shoot a Wedding...I'm nervous, I always get nervous before a shoot. So stayed tuned for some sneek peek wedding photos, the couple is so good looking, it's a small intimate wedding and will be so pretty, it'll be fun once I get there and get in it! 

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