Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tradition continues...

The O'Dell Family has a self made tradition of having a "Girls Birthday Breakfast."  The last one we had was for my daughter in-law, the prettiest girl I know.  Our most recent one was for my other daughter in-law, the sweetest girl I know (don't worry I think she's pretty too). Since it was her birthday, she got to pick where and when, it's part of the tradition.   We met at "Cherie Inn" on a Saturday morning for our celebratory breakfast.  The two youngest cousins were in attendance, because after all they are girls! Having them along adds to the overall entertainment and hub bub of the festivities! 

Here's the birthday girl and her super cute baby!
 There's always lot's of laughs and coffee...

 Ruby was busy randomly blowing kisses to a table of ladies by us. 

 Our next "Girl's Birthday Breakfast" will be mine!!!!!   

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