Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey, Stuffing and Apples Oh My!

I had a great Thanksgiving this year! It was so nice to spend time with family and friends, eat good food, relax, laugh and eat some more! Good times! Here's few photos of our day...

Love to see men in the kitchen cooking! 
Our Turkey Chef! 
He Brined the turkey before roasting it...
I'm here to tell you the Turkey was a thing of beauty and yummy!!!! 
When he took it out of the oven I told him I was never more proud of him...
He said "Really? I've graduated from college, am married with four kids and you're saying this is the moment in my life that your most proud of?"   
In my defense I can tell you I was hungry and the aroma of the turkey
were making my head swoon and my knees weak!  

My contribution to the meal was to make a salad, mashed potatoes and the stuffing.

I made three different stuffing batches. 
One without celery, one with veggie stock and one with 
chicken stock celery and onion.   
We all like stuffing so you have to have it the way you like it! 

This brings us to the Apple part of our program. 
We had Apple's in all shapes and sizes.
It looked like an "Apple" commercial.   
Later in the day we called my son in 
Portland on a iphone 4
and had a little video chat. 
Thank you Steve Jobs!!!!!

 I can tell you what he was thinking..."I want what he has!"
He couldn't talk him out of the ipad, so he nicely watched. Such a nice boy! 
We like to start the kids out on Apples by six months old. 
As soon as they can sit up they're good to go!  
Stink eye alert...
She didn't know I was taking a photo of her
 until she looked at me and I took another one :) 
 We're plating it up people, it's go time!   
 Patrick was proud of his Green Bean Casserole!  
I've never been more proud of you son! 
 Cute cousin alert!!! 
 Music compliments of Uncle Patrick and the crystal glasses. 
I would be remiss if I didn't give hearty shout out to Keri & Carly for dessert,
to Brit for her contribution to this grand event, 
to Kelsey and Chase for being part of the fun, 
to Luke for being  a Rock Star at all times, 
to Katy smiling and laughing at the appropriate times and just being pretty, 
and last but not least to Horace for bringing the energy level up ten notches 
and peeing on Patrick which was disgusting but highly entertaining! 

Good times, great food and lovely people! I'm thankful! 

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