Friday, December 3, 2010

The Dabaja Wedding

On a crisp Friday night in November surrounded by family and friends this beautiful couple said their vows, exchanged their rings, took communion together and became man and wife. I had the privilege of documenting their love.

I love the way they're looking and smiling at each other in this first photo. 
Arik had his dad as his best man and 
Shannon had her mom as her maid of honor. I love that!  

Side note: My day job boss man officiated the wedding, he did a great job!  

Let me just say that Shannon rocked the dress! My camera loved her, very photogenic
and such a sweetheart. She's pretty on the inside and the outside. 

Arik came in with this hat on, I kept asking him if he was wearing it for the wedding, honestly not loving the look.  After me asking about five times he said he wasn't going to wear it for the ceremony but brought it to honor one of his favorite people, his Grandpa Malek, who died recently.  It's was Malek's hat, he owned a Men's Wear Store and did tailoring. Malek was an important person in Arik's life so he brought the hat in memory of him.  It's a very dapper hat. 
I can only imagine how dapper Malek was.  

Something old, something borrowed, something blue 
all in one item, a hanky that was Shannon's Grandmas. 
I love the sentiment behind it. 


 Love the look of love on their faces~

Mr & Mrs Dabaja Everybody!!!!!  


Shannon and Ariks moms have been the very best of friends for year's.
They're praying moms and find it amazing that God answered
their prayers for spouses for their children by joining their two families together!!!!
 Arik's mom told me that from the minute she met Shannon she loved her.
Arik and Shannon met when Shannon was a young teen
and over a period of time they grew to be the very best of friends
 and well we see how that has ended up!
Don't you love a happy ending?

Oh, and there were super heroes at their wedding!

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