Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can You See Me Now?

Bullet points from my Wednesday
  • Thought about my dad today after I used to look up a word.  While growing up if I didn't know a word he always sent me to get out our big fat red dictionary to look it up, which I wasn't always crazy about doing. Now I'm glad he did and I'm also glad that there's, so stinking easy.  I use it often So thank you Mr. Smith!!!  He would actually read the dictionary from time to time.  He was a smart man, knew lot's of facts and a good speller.  Thank you Mr Big Fat Red Dictionary! 
  • Ate lunch with the lunch club ladies at work today...always a delight.  I work with some great people
  • Used bullets points in several documents I worked on today.  I like the actual bullet point. Big fan of polka dots, bullet points are just one polka dot.  Love that! 
  • Actually woke up at 5:30 am, got up at 6 am and was still on the edge of being late for work at 9:00 am. I always think I have time to do just one more thing. Oh Boy! 
  • Did some Christmas Shopping and got my Christmas dinner grocery shopping done, HOLLA!
  • God smiled on me today with a nice surprise in the mail!  Really it was an answer to prayer. 
  • Watched "Millionaire Matchmaker." I recorded it.  It's kind of insulting but extremely entertaining.  I think I'm hooked.  Love it when the people they match up connect, it's fun to see it unfold. 
  • Dinner was chips and dips...veggies and dairy right? Ok, so it's not the healthiest, well  let's just straight to not healthy at all.  But it's what I had and I enjoyed it, made me feel festive like I was at a party.  Perhaps I am a party!!!! 
  • Got an email from an online store that would like me to host some giveaways on my blog.  They have scads and oodles of awesomeness.  Stayed tuned for the first giveaway coming up soon.  In the meantime check them out at 
  • I'm on day three of not washing my hair. I got compliments on how great my hair looked!  I always do on day three and day four, go figure.  If I ever have to do a day five it's not good, it's just not good. Day 3 and 4 is when the magic happens.   
  • Someone gave me a super cute box of yummy chocolates and someone else gave me some super cute earrings.  I just really like to say SUPER CUTE. 
  • Last but not least some fun photos of the always fun and SUPER CUTE Ruby! 
Can you see me now? 

Hope you're feeling SUPER CUTE today and are a party! 
Man, your hair looks great!!!!!   

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