Friday, December 31, 2010

As the Sun Sets...

I really like "New Year's," it's a "New Chapter" in the book of your life. Before the new year starts I enjoy taking a look back.  I journal most every day and as the year is ending  I  look back in my journals, in 2010 there were three.  I like to read the beginning of the year  and I browse through reading bits and pieces.  Here's what I encountered this morning when doing this; I am still struggling with some of the same issues, there have been some up's and downs, lot's of changes, surprises and challenges. sprinkle in laughter, new family additions, the disappointment of no changes in areas that I'd like to see some changes, but the one predominate reoccurring theme through out the year is that God was faithful!   He got me thought the journey of 2010 safe and sound, hopefully wiser and most assuredly older!  

I also keep a Dream Journal.  It's something I've done for years.  I know from personal experience that God can and does use dreams to talk to me. As I read through my dream journal entries from 2010 I was in utter shock and amazement at some of the dreams I had that were literally God giving me glimpses of what was ahead.  I will say that when I remember a dream I write it down and pray about it and what it means in my life or the lives of others.  I also confess that I have dreams I don't get and don't know what to do with, these I find very frustrating and yet so fascinating. 

As the sun sets on December 31st 2010 my goal is to leave the negative things in my life behind and not drag them into the new chapter.  My goal is to be fitter physically, financially, socially and spiritually.  I'm starting the new year by joining my church family in a 21 day fast.  I'm super excited about this because I know there's great power in fasting and agreement in prayer.  I'm going to start the year strong and make progress in 2011.  

Goodbye 2010!  
It's been real!  It's been fun!
It's been real fun...most days!

Hello 2011! I'm excited about the amazing things that are ahead, new opportunities, new people, new doors that are going to be opening up!  This is going to be the best year yet! 

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