Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bloggin Rubes Part 2

In my last post I shared about being nervous to go shoot a wedding, and always being nervous before a shoot.  The wedding went great, I used a sweet new lens I just got and it worked like a yummy!  I'll be posting some wedding photos soon. After the wedding on Friday night I spent major portions of the weekend watching a Photography Workshop online that featured a great Children's Photograph.  Someone asked her the question "Do you still get nervous before a shoot?"  To my astonishment she said "Yes, she still gets nervous before every shoot."  So friends and neighbors turns out I'm normal!!!!!  This will be good news for some of you and a shock to the rest of you...

Now on to cuter things! Also in the previous post I shared about "The Rubes" and her recent sleep over with me. The purse, the keys, the walking around.  Her other favorite thing to do is climb on things and then stand up, repeatedly.  Once she stands up on a suitcase, chest, table, chair, what ever it may be she looks around, claps, and after awhile needs help getting down (she can't do that yet) to start the whole process over again.  She spent a lot of time doing this so of course some photos just had to be taken. 

This last photo on the right is the look she gets when she's ready to get down, and guess what? Do it all over again.  Her absolute favorite thing to do was to climb up on a chest I have with the purse and the keys and stand up and put the keys in the purse, take them out, put them in and so forth and so on.  Oh Rubes you're a treat and such fun! 

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