Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breakfast by Candle Light...

Before Christmas my two oldest grand kids spent the night, which included movies and copious amounts of popcorn.  In the morning I made french toast, bacon and hot coco which we ate by candle light, with some tunes playing in the background.  I started taking some photos and the oldest said, "I didn't think we'd be taking pictures?" It was a question.  My response, "This is photo worthy stuff right here mister."  He asked if I was a photographer?  I said "Yes, I am." That seemed to satisfy him.  After breakfast we moved on to art time!   Markers, glitter, mod-podge, paint brushes and tissue paper.  What a gluey, glittery mess we made!   

 Here's some photos from our time together 
because I'm a photographer don't ya know...


 While they were here one of the neighborhood squirrels showed up.  As we watched him they had lot's of questions about squirrels so I had to google "Squirrel Facts" to find out if they ate meat and slept a lot in the winter.   I asked what we should name him, they came up with several names, my favorite "Mr. Bushy Tail Nut Eater."  We'll leave it at that! 

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