Thursday, January 6, 2011

My hair smells good...

I have a friend whose a student at a beauty school.  She needed a model for her very first haircut and I badly needed a trim up so I quickly raised my hand.  Tonight was  hair cut night.  It was more than just a hair cut.  They hang up your coat, you get a fine cup of coffee if you want one and then on to the magic,  a hand massage, a head massage with great smelling oil, a shampoo and conditioner with some more great smelling goodness, insert actual hair cut at this point then on to some great smelling hair products for the styling, then the hair blowing out and flat iron, then top it all off some great smelling pomade and a spritz of hair spray that is...GREAT SMELLING!   So I said all of that to say this, "MY HAIR SMELLS GOOD!"  My friend did a great job and when she's done with school and is licensed if you live near Grand Rapids you should be her clients! Did I tell you that my hair smells good?  Oh man, it does, it really does! 

I've fulfilled one of my New Year's Goals and I'm SUPER EXCITED about it!  It was to learn how to make videos with my photos and some great music and be able to post them on my blog.  I figured out how to make the video on my own but needed the help of my youngest son to help me do the final processing.  He's computer savy and I'm thankful! It took him less than a minute to show me how to do it and here we have it my very first video with music! I confess I got slightly over zealous and had a hard time choosing photos so it is a tad long and I apologize for that, none the less here we go!!!!    

Title: 2010 Stuff 
Music from: Where the Wild Things Are (Soundtrack) 

When playing the video click pause on the playlist music :)

Did I say that my hair smells good? 

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