Sunday, August 15, 2010

What have I been up to?

Let's see, what have I been up to? I took a trip to the Secret Beach last weekend to stay until the stars came out. Got there just in time for sunset, then stayed until about 10:30 pm, everyone had cleared out, and I waited, and waited and waited for the stars. But, the bugs were so bad and I failed to realize that the stars coming out would take longer than inland so I left after I saw two stars. I'm planning the star gazing fest when it's cooler and the bugs aren't so thick and when I have someone with me (it's kinda scary there after dark, it's remote). This photo is on my way out...there's one star :)

I did a Family Photo Shoot with my oldest son and his beautiful family...
Look at these lovely ladies...I love them!
I did a Baby/Family photo shoot for a friend from work, it was my baby shower gift to her. Keep that in mind people, photo shoots as gifts. I have Gift Certificates available!!!!

I love the look on his face, he was just so enthused to be holding his toes...oh the joy!
Then I did a Senior Shoot for the lovely Leena...
These are just a couple of my favorites...
She's rocking some sassiness here...I love it! I kept telling her that she was "SUPER cute" and I wasn't lying, she is SUPER cute!

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