Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And Fall Approaches...

Fall is on it's way!!! I for one am "SUPER" excited about it, anticipate it's arrival, and love it and want it to last and last! Fall in Michigan is Beeeeeee-UUUUUUU-Tif-FULL!!!!

The end of summer signifies Sunflowers and Zinnia's, two of my favorite flowers! These are from a friends garden. She brought them to work and had them on her desk in this cute polka dot vase that she got at a resale shop for like a quarter. The flowers are lovely my friend is lovely and I thank her for sharing them with me (she brought me my own bouquet a couple of days later, so nice). I'll be making some cards out of these :) If you're reading this Peggy, get to WORK!!!

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