Sunday, August 22, 2010

BON FIRE Time...

A couple weeks back I took myself to a bonfire...I love bonfires!

I'd love to tell you that we had big huge fun building this bonfire and enjoying it for many hours late into the night, but I'll tell you the truth...
It was muggy, buggy and hotter than blue blazes and not from the fire!
The wood was wet, and after many failed attempts...we gave up and went inside! We learned some lessons:
  • Dry wood works best, we knew this already but were so confident that our mad fire building skills would allow us to start a fire anyway, they didn't :(
  • Bonfires are truly a beautiful thing in the Spring and Fall, when the air is cooler than the fire you're building.
  • Mosquitos are not our friends and very pesty!!!!
  • Hanging out together is the most important thing whether or not you have a fire.

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