Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you want to go to the seaside...

During my morning Bible reading time this morning the very first thing I read was about Jesus and the sea, two of my favorite things! 

Mark 4: 1 & 2, And again He began to teach by the sea.  And a great multitude was gathered to Him, so that He got into a boat and sat in it on the sea; and the whole multitude was on the land facing the sea.  Then He taught them many things by parables.

The part that got my attention was, "And again He began to teach by the sea."  It indicates that Jesus spent a lot of time by the sea, I LOVE THIS!   The creator of the sea enjoyed being by  the sea.  The creator created something that He enjoyed being by.  Friends and neighbors I'm here to tell you that He feels the same way about YOU!  He created you and loves to be by you, to be with you.

You may not feel lovable today, but, you are! 
The lover of your soul wants to be by you!
The giver of life wants to be with you! 
You are loved more than you will ever know! 

None of us can comprehend how deeply His love for us is, it's bigger than the sea.  

Do you want to go to the seaside? I fell in love by the seaside,  ~ the Kooks


Brett said...

This is Beautiful and exacty what I needed to here today! Thank you

cindy said...

A great word... thank you!