Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've been thinking about...

I've been working on weeding out some of my photos, in my editing program, because I need more room so I can add new photos.  This is hard, first off to delete some photos then to put ones I want to keep on CD's, and load some to my flickr.   While doing this I came across some photos from numerous trips I made last Spring, Summer and  Fall,  to what I affectionately call, "The Secret Beach."  I'll admit I forgot (out of sight out of mind) how lovely it is there, how much I love it, and how I'm looking forward to being able to go there soon. It's a small public beach on Lake Michigan situated neatly between Holland and Saugatuck.  It's never busy because you have to haul up all these stairs and down to get to the beach.  It's a real work out, no really, a for real hard core workout, at least in my mind it is. Once when I was there a guy was running up and down the stairs, as he huffed past me I said, "Good job, I'm proud of you," I was sitting down.   When I mention to my kids that we should go to the Secret Beach for our annual family photo shoot they all roll their eyes. For me those stairs are part of the charm of the beach. You pull in the parking lot which faces a huge sand dune hill, you can't see or hear the water. You walk up the first set of steps to a wood walkway, then to the huge section of stairs leading up to the top of the sand dune hill, at which point you can see the lake in all it's glory.  Then down, down, down, down lot's and ton's and multiple upon multiple steps to finally arrive on "The Beach."  Getting to the beach is easier than getting out, because the climb up the stairs is harder going up than going down.  You can opt out altogether and use a path on the sand dune hill, but in my opinion this is way harder. I said all of that to say,  "I miss the Secret Beach, the smell, the sound and yes even those stairs." 

You know I've said it a ton before that I love Snow, but, the Secret Beach I love it too! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

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