Monday, February 7, 2011

Good news, bad news!

First the good news!  I got my first Etsy order today! 
I was so surprised, and delighted! 
The bad news, my car is in for repair,
and I found out that I'll need to have at least 
57 more Etsy orders to pay for the repair bill!  Oh boy! 

In other news, Valentine's Day is on it's way. 
In honor of this special love day I'm going to have 
a give away that will start on Friday and end on Valentines Day, 
So stay tuned for more information about that coming on Friday.

Keep up the good work everybody!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Congrats on the Etsy order!
And my car is in the shop too. They just called with about $400 worth of problems they have found so far:(